The 3rd day of online LTT was held

The 3rd day of online LTT was held

The third and the last day of LTT was held online on 30.11.2020. All the participants on the project were present.

After short summary of the topics from the second day of LTT, we talked about the importance and significance of using online tools for cooperation and communication Trello and Glip. Once more, we agreed that most part of interaction should be done through these tools.  Members of Scio Association had two sessions about creating video material and about creating a brochure which will be used in the dissemination phase of the project. Video material will document different kinds of activities of the project. Comprehensive video will be made and mounted from large number of short videos. Members of Scio Association had informed partners what they should pay attention during the making of the video material. Partner schools from Serbia and Slovenia will be in charge of making a video material.  The brochure which should consist of all the important information about the project will be made by partner school from Turkey. Members of Scio association have prepared a sample design of the brochure and informed all the partners which softwares would be the to use in order to create a brochure. A detailed functionalities of Adobe Photoshop were presented.

Members of partner school from Slovenia will make a report on third day of LTT. At the end of the third day we we exchanged impressions about the realized online training We all agreed that it is a pity we could not meet and work together in person, and we expressed our hope that we will have the conditions for live meet as soon as possible. All the partner expressed their satisfaction with the realized LTT and thanked to members of Scio Association on successful organization of the training and the effort Scio made.

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