Sudden death

Sudden death

At the beginning of January 2021. Abdullah Akel, the principal of the partner school from Istanbul, informed us with sad news. Turkish team coordinator Mustafa Satirli unfortunately died of a heart attack.

We received the news with disbelief. We had short time but a very intensive cooperation with Mustafa. We met him as a cheerful, enterprising, always smiling, responsible and willing associate. He captivated with his driving energy. He left a significant mark in the Agora project.

We are glad that we were part of the same team in the previous period. We are sorry that Mustafa will not see the results of our joint work and commitment. We sympathize with the great loss of the partner school “Ali Nihad Tarlan”. No matter that he is no longer with us, Mustafa Satirli will always be a part of the Agora project.

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