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Primary school Ivan Goran Kovacic was founded in 1953 in the firebrigade building in Belgrade, Serbia. It has changedits location a few times. With the increase of students, the need for a bigger facility emerged. It got its name Ivan Goran Kovacic in 1955. The new building was openened in 1961/62. In 1987 the school was awarded with the Dositej prize, which celebrates a successful school practice and education practice.

The classes are held in two shifts. The morning shift starts at 8 o’clock in the morning, and the afternoon shift ends at 19.10 in the evening. The school year starts in September and the classes end in June. The students have got a winter and a summer break, as well as a number free days in November, April or May. There are 74 members of staff, 54 of which are teaching staff and 20 members of non-teaching staff. There are 831 students in 38 classes. The modern approach of schools general methodology is positively affecting the development of intelectual and creative potentials of the students. There is also a special programme with gifted children, that gives extraordinary results in regional and national competitions in all fields. More than 50% of students graduate with honours and the results on the final exam are above the national average. The best students creations and results from the competition are published in the school’s magazine Koraci.

In school Ivan Goran Kovacic great attention is dedicated to continuous professional training of the teachers. Following the modern education needs, the teachers improve their professional skills in different courses and workshops, where they learn how to work with modern teaching tools. Every classroom has got a computer and an internet access. The achievement of the students is followed by both students and parents through the digital register. The students acquire new knowledge by using the Smart boards and working in the digital classrooms. The  eachers have great digital skills and the excellent technical support enables the implementation of new technologies more frecuently in the teaching process. The project that the school is involved with are „Школа по мери детета“, ДИЛС– „Кликни безбедно“, Оснаживање породице, Професионална оријентација, Вештине за адолесценцију.There is a successful cooperation with other educational institutions of the local community, where the goal is to connect and merge school activities with the activities of other educational and scientific institutions. Both students and teachers actively participate in the educational courses and manifestations The Theatre of Zvezdara, Market of ideas, Museum didactic, Little school of art. Human resource of this school are not only the competent and creative teachers, but also the students and parents who enhance the positive results of the school.

The members of Ivan Goran Kovacic who are included in this project have great experience in different fields realted to ICT tools. They also have great teaching experience, and they have participated in many projects and are active in several extracurricular activities. Moreover, the members of Ivan Goran Kovacic team have many diplomas that prove their examples of good practice and have finished many professional training courses. One part of the members of this primary school have made the last two versions of school’s website and they have functional knowledge regarding the development of webistes.

The school is very well located. It is surrounded by scientific, cultural and educational institutions. There is highly successful collaboration with other schools on the local level. It is a moderns school with modern equipment, great location and even better reputation. The teaching staff is highly motivated to use ICT tools in their teaching practice, as well as to connect it to the outdoor learning.

The good reputation of the scholl and the excellent practice will improve the dissemination activities on a local and regional level.

Address:  Vojvode Brane 18A


Our team on this project is:

Dragana Anicic

Nataša Nikov – Replaced by Zorica Jovanovic

Katarina Milovanovic

Marijana Popovic

Drazen Novakovic