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Scio Association was founded in November 2017 in Gornji Milanovac. The fields in which the Association works are education, culture, informing the public, protection of human rights and the rights of the minorities, sustainable development of the community. The main goal of the Association is education of children, youth and adults, with the emphasis on the introduction of innovations in the process of education. Moreover, another the important goal is the promotion of the local community and showing its full potential.

The members of the Association have different professional backgrounds. Some of us are teachers, designers, programmers, among others.

Scio organisation was founded in November of 2017. in town of Gornji Milanovac, Serbia. Organization is founded by a group of people who already have been working in educational institutions in Serbia and abroad. Their goals were to give their contribution in raising public awareness in area of education. Moreover, organization members have high competitions in ICT education methods, many of their projects include ICT, both in formal and informal education. According to organization Statute areas in which organization is active are: education and upbringing, culture and information, protection of human and minority rights and sustainable community development. Main goal of the organization is education of children, education of youth and education of adults, with strong accent on creating and implementing innovations in the educational process. Also an important goal is promotion of local community and its potentials.
Members of the organization are from different educational backgrounds and profiles. Most of the members are teachers, and the rest of the members are designers, web designers, graphic designers, programmers, journalists, economists, jurists…Organization does not have any paid fees, all of the members are volunteers and are not paid for their contribution. In case when projects are funded, the financing organization may sign a contract with members for this project only.
Organization has 21 members at the moment with growing potential. At the same time all of the members of the organization are members of organizations assembly, and in this way all the members are included in process of making decisions.

Address: Rudnicka bb, Gornji Milanovac

Key persons involved in the project Agora are: Dusan Simovic, Katarina Vitomirovic, Bojana Prole, Ivan Jovovic, Branislav Krstovic, Sasa Ratkovic and Borivoje Jovanovic.

This are their roles and skills:

Dusan Simovic – Project coordinator

He graduated from Teacher Education Faculty and from Marketing management Belgrade Polytechnic. Has the 5 years experience of working in primary school. He is president of two non-government organisations, and has lead more the 10 projects. Dusan got award from Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications in contest “Digital class”.

Katarina Vitomirovic – Communication coordinator

Katarina is an English and Spanish language teacher, that currently works in 2 primary schools and one high school in Belgrade. She worked for five years as an English and Spanish teacher in Madrid, Spain, and she is currently working as an interpreter for Spanish and English language. Katarina was a board member of Spanish-Serbian Association “Ivo Andric” from Madrid, Spain. With association “Ivo Andric” she organized and lead many international projects supported and funded by the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture. Katarina also worked as a teacher of Serbian language for foreigners in Serbian embassy in Madrid.

Bojana Prole – Content manager

She graduated from Teacher Education Faculty. Bojana has 11 years working experience in primary school. She is a coauthor and author of few books that are used in Serbian primary schools. Bojana got award from Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications on contest for “Digital class”. She is coordinator of international research TIMSS team.

Ivan Jovovic – Programmer

He graduated from University of Belgrade Faculty of Organizational Sciences. Ivan has worked as a senior programmer for the past 11 years. He has worked on many projects that were related to education.

Sasa Ratkovic – Technical coordinator

Sasa has a 5 years of experience as a web designer and a ux designer. He is familiar with most important web technologies used for creating applications and web sites and services. Sasa is a president of Scio organization since the day it was founded. He also has over 10 years of experience in humanitarian work in Red Cross.

Borivoje Jovanovic – Web designer

Borivoje works as web designer and junior programmer with 3 years of experience.

Branislav Krstovic – Financial administrator

Master of Economics – Master’s degree at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade on the topic “Competitive advantage and necessity of internationalization of companies from Serbia”. Areas of interest are international business, competitive advantage as well as organizational theory and efficiency. He has worked in several foreign companies and in the last four years he has owned a private distribution and consulting company.