About Agora Mobile App

App Description

Test phase

Teachers select sites according to themes from school’s curriculum. The teachers create materials (text, photos, quizzes) for selected sites. Then, this materials are being uploaded to a website appagora.info, from which materials are shown on the app by API key. The final version of the app will be stored at Google Play and Apple Store. Member of partner organisations as well as other potential users will be able to download app for free of charge. Before the final version of the app, there will be a test version of the app. Test version of the app will be visible only for members of partner schools through app installation that will be given to them by Scio. Purpose of the test version of the app is to be used on the learning teaching training in Ptuj. On this meeting, the test version of the app will present the functionalities that are predicted by app creators, Scio.

App functionalities

This functionalities include: – showing a map of with several spots, – marking of start point (location) of the tour, – activation of app pages with photo and text related to specific location by geolocation functionality, – activation of the quiz that has four questions for one location, – showing of correct and incorrect answers for quiz questions, – showing of next related location on the map after completing the quiz for previous location. During and after learning teaching training in Ptuj members of Partner organisations will be able to propose additional functionality that will be implemented in the final version of the application. After project is completed the app will still be downloadable at Google Play and Apple store for at least two years more.